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S-Biotech Kft. is the exclusive provider and distributor in Hungary of Martin CHRIST laboratory, pilot and production freeze dryers (lyophilizers). Complete customer support, fully comprehensive factory service and spare parts provision. The company is certified to be in conformance with ISO9001. S-Biotech provides a consulting service in the field of scientific and biotechnological research, as well as in the context of the information and communication technology's planning and programming. S-Biotech provides fermentors maintenance service. Product-specific, highly specialized lyophilizers. All units fulfil the highest standards on materials used and functional safety. Distribution of rotational-vacuum-concentrators (RVC). Biotechnológia, liofilizálók, fagyasztva szárítók, Magyarország, rotációs vákuum koncentrátorok, rotációs vákuumbepárlók, márkaszervíz